Spiral-Tube Ro - Turn Leachate Into Reuse

Shenyang Landfill Leachate Emergent Treatment Project is a classical case of leachate emergent treatment project. The total leachate storage of Shenyang Daxin project amounts to one million tons. The contract was signed in early April 2018, and the system treatment output was required to reach 800m³/d before April 30th, and 2,100m³/d after June 30th. Jiarong Technology successfully completed the first phase requirements of the contract and successfully met the standard water production on schedule.The designed treatment process of Shenyang Daxin project is consist of pretreatment, two-stage DTRO, HPRO, MTRO, ion exchange, and evaporation. Final effluent water quality is stable and meets the government standard.

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