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Brazil Containerized Leachate Treatment Project

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Project Detail

Jiarong has applied its membrane solution for leachate &difficult wastewater treatment technology overseas to help the Customer in Brazil to reduce wastewater discharge and the produced water was fully met the local discharge standard.

Project feature

The maximum flow rate is 1.5L/s and the maximum leachate treatment flow rate for this design is 5.4m³/h or 120m³/h.

The design treatment capacity is 250m3/d, with an operating capacity of 90%.

Influent water quality


Conductivity≤20000 us/cm,

NH3-H≤1100 mg/L,

TN≤1450 mg/L,

COD≤12000 mg/L,

BOD≤3500 mg/L, Total Hardness(CaCO3)≤1000 mg/L,

Total Alkalinlity(CaCO3)≤5000 mg/L,

SiO2≤30 mg/L,

Sulfide≤3 mg/L,

T 15-35℃, pH 6-9

Effluent water quality

COD≤20 mg/L,

BOD≤100 mg/L,

NH3-H≤20 mg/L,

pH 6-9

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