Foundation laying Ceremony for Jiarong Technology Industrial Center

June 26,2023

The foundation laying ceremony of Jiarong Technology Industrial Center was held in Tongan Tongxiang High-Tech Zone,At 8:30 a.m. on June 23. With Peng Junfeng, the first level researcher of Torch Management Committee and the deputy director of Tongxiang Command, Zheng Consolidation, the general manager of Torch Venture Park, Zhuo Yongqiang, the secretary of Party Committee of Wuxian Town, Lin Zhichao, the chairman of Xiamen High-Tech Technology, Pan Zhimin, the general manager of Dingxin Fund, Su Guojin, the director of JiaRong Technology, Xiamen Branch General Manager of Fujian Five Construction Co. Ltd., Wu Ruoping, Chief Engineer of Xiamen High Integrity Engineering Technology Co. Mr. Jiang Linyu, Chairman of Jialong Technology, Mr. Dong Zhengjun, General Manager and some staff representatives witnessed this important moment together.



Mr. Jiang Linyu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Jiarong Technology, delivered a speech, expressing his gratitude to the Xiamen Municipal Government and Torch Management Committee for their strong support, and that under the guidance of the positive and strong industrial policies of the country and the hard work of all employees, Jiarong Technology has achieved fruitful business results in recent years. The construction of Jiarong Technology Industrial Center is one of the important milestones in the development of Jiarong, the project will become a center to carry technological innovation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, empowering technological innovation, and at the same time, we want to make the project into an industrial innovation community for "internationalization", introducing international R&D cooperation and continuously exporting high performance Membrane technology, high-end environmental protection equipment and other new technologies and products to help Xiamen's high-quality development and green development.


Project Profile of Jiarong Industrial Center

The project is planned and designed to have a total construction area of about 88,000 square meters, including an 11-story R&D center building, a 12-story apartment building, two 7-story industrial buildings, etc. The project will plan to land new technology projects such as the R&D and manufacturing of high-performance membrane materials and components, high-end environmental protection equipment manufacturing, etc., and become a new industrial park center for Jiarong to carry technological innovation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements.


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