Containerized Leachate treatment Equipment

June 13,2020

Shanghai Laogang Landfill is a typical large-scale landfill in China with a daily waste treatment capacity of over 10,000 tons. Jiarong Technology provided two sets of wastewater treatment systems (DTRO+STRO) for the site, with a treatment capacity of 800 ton/day and 200 ton/day respectively. Capacity:800 ton/day and 200 ton/day

 Process:DTRO+ STRO

 Influent water quality:COD≤10000mg/L, NH3-N≤50mg/L, TN≤100mg/L, SS≤25mg/

Effluent water quality:COD≤28mg/L, NH3-N≤5mg/L, TN≤30mg/L

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